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like a lot of people日本xxxx丰满超清hd

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like a lot of people日本xxxx丰满超清hd

Handing back a boarding pass to a passenger, Trinity smiled, "Enjoy your flight." she said kindly. The pale skinned 5'6 women moved a deep red bang from her face. Her hair went down to her chin that greatly reflected her emerald green eyes. She was a large B-cup, nearly a C-cup. She had shapely legs, and a large round butt, a tell tale of a party animal. Which she really was. She loved to be a tease. The center of attention on the dance floor, grinding guys she thought were cute but never had sex with any of them. She loved leading them on. She wore her white and blue dress uniform sighing. Tapping her desk with a thin aluminum pen her gaze went around the room. By far she wasn't a virgin. But niether was she a slut in those standards. Through her 24 years of being alive she had had sex with only six men. 4 of them were when she was touring Europe. One of her friends came by, Tiffany. A thin black women was a soft smile. "Alright imma goin' to relieve you girl." She said, Trinity smiled, "Finally, I thought I'd be here forever." she said back with a gracious smile. After a couple of minutes of playful banter they split ways as a crowd walked down the hallway walking with a pace barely visible in the large long hallway. Trinity walked away heading to the locker rooms. She stopped hearing about four different screams. In a moments notice TSA agents sprinted past her with tazers and long black flashlights. Trinity took a few headed steps being in high heels. She saw the horde of people who were walking down the hallway on surrounding four areas as blood pooled out. She gasped as they easily over took the TSA agents. She saw Tiffany trying to run. She tripped falling to the ground. The blood soaked males started to form around her, there mouths soak with hanging flesh or blood. She started to crawl when they tore at her clothing and clawed at her dress. They last thing Trinity remembered was seeing them starting to go to there knees around her. The next, she was jogging, an attempt to run in her high heels. She got back to the locker room and ran inside shutting the door. She started to back up until her back connected with the wall. Her hands spread wide as if the wall would protect her. She had always dreamed of more excitment, but this was insane. She jumped in fear as one of the wakie talkies beeped off and a few TSA agents rambled. "There everywhere, tazers aren't doin' shit!" one yelled, "ITS THE ZOMBIE FUCKIN' APOCALYPSE! THERE ZOMBIES EATING EVERYONE!" another yell sounded, "GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!" another yelled, "THERE TRYING TO GET IN!" another screamed, "OH GOD THEY BUSTED THROUGH THE DOOR HE--AHHHHHHH!" Trinity listened for thirty minutes as all the voices one by one ceased. She, like a lot of people, had a zombie apocalypse plan, but when reality hit, she was left in doubt, 'are zombies real? Are these them?' she drew blanks on survival. She did something your not supposed to do in a zombie apocalypse situation, get locked in a small space. The locker room was only 25 by 25 feet. She thought she'd be safe till she found help, unless the zombies can jimmy a lock she thought. She gave a slight bit of laugher at the thought. She lifted a remote and turned on the small 17 inch TV. News reporters were on edge as they franticly tried to explain what was going on. "the dead rise" was one of the subtitles. They explained to keep indoors, to defend yourself, that contrary to popular belief there were a few fast ones out there that were savage in there attacking. Usually ripping there victims to shreds with their fingernails. They believe these were the first infected. That they were part of some sort of bio-terrorist attack. The police have been setting up road blocks aiming for the heads of the zombies. But there almost seems to be a stategy. The fast moving ones do not die by head shots. They keep going and at the charges of the hordes these fast moving ones are leading it. It's almost as if they are leading the other zombies. No was expecting this. Even when they don't lead a charge there are simply too many of them to fight. Trinity turned the TV off in fear of what might come next. She sat in a corner for was while when she heard a bang at the door. Then some scratching, she slowly began to stand up looking around she spotted a long thick black flashlight. She picked it up lifting it like a club. Her freckled face having a scared look on it. She smiled suddenly, the doors locked and try can't open doors even. She shook her head when she saw the door knob slowly turn. She didn't lock it! She ran to the door when it creaked open and six figures lumbered in all reaching clawing and grabbing. Trinity brought down the flash light as hard as possible cracking it against ones head she twisted hitting another. She stood over it and repeatedly slammed it's head with the flashlight. She felt a hand grip her short sleeve. She spun around as it ripped. The first zombie was crawling towards her as she clubbed the one that grabbed her shoulder across the head. She bent over that one and hit it repeatedly as blood gushed and cracking sounds soon followed. She felt cold hard hand wrap around her arms and a hand grasp her ankle. She was taken to the ground as she screamed in a bitter fight. The zombies pinned her as they tore at her clothes viciously and greedily. She felt hands crawl across her bare skin. Her skirt was lifted. She felt teeth at her crotch. She screamed in terror when she heard a tear but no pain. The crotch of her pantyhose she wore was ripped out. Her bare breasts were exposed as her blose was ripped open popping all tge buttons out of place the bra was rippied off quite easily. She got a bit of leverage as she turned to her stomach. She was on her knees ready to crawl away when she stopped. A zombie stood in front of her, it's crotch of the pants torn away, and an erect phallus stood over her. The zombie stared with hunger. She suddenly understood, not a moment too soon as she felt one zombie grasp her right ass cheek and a hard phallus enter her soft velvet pussy. She gasped as the zombie in front of her shot forward shoving the long cock down her throat. The zombies, having gone into rigor mortis, were are cold, and hard. The last bit of blood that was in most the zombies bodies went to that area when they saw someone they would be attrached to in life. Thusly an everlasting hard on. Trinity reached down for the ground but couldn't find it for her head was being held up by the large member ramming in and out of her wet soft throat. She had to swallow every other thrust for her saliva built up every few seconds. As wrong as it all was it felt good. Their dicks were the hardest things to ever enter her pussy. Yet they were smooth. She liked the roughness as the zombie behind her slapped her ass digging into her soft white flesh with it's nails. Her round lips accomadating the dick sliding in and out of her throat. She sudden felt something almost slimey on her back side. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a third zombie licking her ass as the one rammed her pussy. Her eyes fled to the back of her head as a orgasm washed over her body like riveting rhythems. They intensified by the feeling of the thirds cold hard hands glide firmly up her thighs. Her eyes guided up the zombie who was fucking her face crazily. It's hand grabbing two handfulls of her hair. It's skin a pale purple. It gave out moans of what could have been pleasure but Trinity really couldn't tell. It's chest off the most part was left hanging as if powerful hands had ripped it apart. She placed her hands to it's waist holding herself up a bit. Trinity's eyes fluttered back again as she moaned contortedly feeling that slimey tongue poke and prod her asshole. Slowly making it's way into the hole. She felt the tongue inside of her ass as she couldn't stop moaning. She lifted one hand grasping a hanging rib of the zombie in front of her without a care feeling the fourth zombie beginning to maul her soft tender breasts. She felt it's hard crushing hands, able to tear a person apart, grasp her tits and grope them,成熟yⅰn荡的美妇a片 it lifted it's head sucking hard on one breast, she felt it's tongue rubbing her nipple as it's mouth narrowed on her tit, it's teeth sliding on her breast to the nipple as it gave a hard bite. Trinity moaned loudly and she felt thr tongue lap across her tits. Trinity lifted her head off the zombies dick gasping but greedily harnessing the zombies dick with her left hand and started to pump feriously. Trinity lowered her head crying out an orgasm. The zombie behind her hand not stopped pumping keeping at a fast constant pace as she began to grind and not even realize. She lifted the zombies member vertically licked the length of it up and down while staring into it's dead lack lustered eyes. She then swallowed the cock thrusting her head back and forth. The zombie beneath her started to thrust, but it only poked her clit. She moaned harder. She suddenly felt a cold spray into her pussy that made her cry out an orgasm. The zombie behind her fell back. Staring at the ceiling. The licking of her asshole stopped as she felt the zombie move into place. Trinity lowered her waist a bit by spreading her legs, with her right hand she reached between her legs grasping the zombie beneath hers penis and lowered her waist over the phallus. She moaned as the zombie began to thrust, the zombie behind her now put the head of his dick to her asshole. She grunted in a mixture of pleasure and pain as it began to stretch her asshole. At that point however the pain was a different type of pleasure all on it's own. And she craved it. She licked the head of the zombie as it's head looked up, it grabbed both sides of her head and impaled her head onto it's dick as she felt a squirt of it's cold semen launch into her mouth. She looked down spitting the foul tasteing black semen out. She placed her hands on the ground as the zombie in front of her fell back. She began to twist and grind as fast and hard as she could moaning like a banshee. She grunted and growled as she wanted more from them. She felt the two dicks inside of her, on cold hard dick inside her slick warm asshole. The other in her soaking wet velvet pussy. She felt one cold hand slide around her waist crossing her belly. She cried our as another orgasm took her body over her reaction was to grind hard in a cumming scream. She felt a spray of cold inside her ass. She moaned loudly bringing a hand down her neck tossing her head to the side. She felt the cold semen slide into her asshole. She then felt the other one cum. She cried out in one more orgasm rocked her pussy feeling the cold semen fill her up. She looked down and openly kissed the decaying mouth, her tongue slid around, feeling it's dry tongue feeling like sandpaper. She suddenly stood up while gasping. Four zombie laid around her spent. Two dead. She went to the door putting as much of her shredded clothes on as possible and peaked outside. It was quiet and filled with gore. She saw something in the distance however, she went to one knee pulling back for a moment. Slowly Trinity peaked out again seeing a humanoid monstrousity. With rips and gashs all over it's body it had twitching and crushing fingers. It's face with several vertical cuts forming shredded ends, jaw, skinless. Right above the jaw was shredded skin hanging. It looked to it's side roaring as it darted into a sprint. Trinity looked in terror hearing a voice scream in terror then a ripping noise. The screaming stopped a few moments later. She slowly backed away. She didn't notice her hand brushing against the remote. When she did notice she turned trying to catch it. Her hands fumbled as she looked at it in fear. She grasped it firmly but one thing was stil wrong. She pressed the volume button. "The creatures seem to be going on it's basest of thoughts such as hunger. With strong jaws and extremely hard grips these creatures have very little knowledge about anything and do seem to be driven by primal ur--"Trinty pressed the power button. She heard a grunt from outside. It heard the TV. He looked around quickly. She ran to the door closing it. She saw a grate above a locker. Locking the door she went to one of the lockers with a fire extingisher. She started to bash the lock with it over and over. She stopped suddenly looking over in fear as rapid bashing sounded at the door. She went on with bashing at the lock. After two minutes the lock broke. The bashing at the door didn't stop, it seemed the door was weakening. She opened the locker ripping a steel box from it's insides she opened it grabbing a screwdriver from it's contents. Running to the grate she started to the unscrew the corners. The first was off then the second. Then the third. A hand busted through the door reaching widely. It was pulled out as another bash came then another. With one more the door caved in. The alpha zombie ran in to seeing empty room with a loud rattling noise. It's thoughts confused of what thinking it's even had. It saw the four zombies on the ground all now beginning to stand up, two dead. It began to walk away twitching every few moments when it scanned the room one more time. Something however caught it's eye it finally noticed the loud rattleing noise. It came from the open grate. It roared loudly once as it charged the grate jumping. It grasped the sides of the vent pulling it's self inside with ease. It looked both ways hearing and echo of the rattling. Trinity at ease a bit, crawled through the ventalation shaft. She knew a zombie would be in there with her. As she crawled she could see which rooms were filled and found her way around by looking at the rooms and being able to reconize them. The alpha zombie crawled quickly and smoothly through not making much sound as it made twists and turns. Trinity kept putting one arm in front of the other trying to get through with ease but it was to no avail. She made a ton of noise trying to get through. Suddenly something siezed her legs as she screamed out in horror. The scream formed into a gasp as she felt something soft enter her sweet folds none too gentle. She felt cold hard ferocious hand holding her thighs as a tongue motor boated her soft sweet pussy. The alpha zombie ripped it's head to and fro lashing out with it's tongue. Trinity squeezed her eyes shut and cried out in pleasure. The zombies hands rubbed the back of her thighs fiercely as it's tongue worked her pussy, it's teeth making there presence known as they pushed against her soft folds but doing no damage. She moaned louder feeling it's hand squeezing her thighs. It's long sharp fingernails scratching her thighs alittle. She pressed her fingers against the metal and pulled back while taking in a breath of pleasure beginning to grind the zombies face. She didn't care that the skin from it's jaws was missing, she didn't think about it, alls she knew was the shredded skin felt wonderful on her pussy, it's tongue worked miracles, and she was cumming harder the she had ever before. The zombie ate her relentlessly. Tasting every bit of her flesh. Licking her fluids as they squirted from her body and gushed like a fountain of blood. Trinity moaned so hard as she screamed in orgasm every few minutes. The zombie pulled away. She turned back but didn't see it. She then flipped over to her back breathing hard and sweating abit. The zombie suddenly climbed over her. It's dead blood filled eyes stared into hers. She stared back with a smirk. Her head jerked up suddenly feeling a large cold phallus penetrate between her round thighs. She suddenly felt teeth grasp around her throat. They squeezed but didn't crush down or pierce her skin. She had a bit of trouble breathing but kept going with it. It felt so good. The zombies hands went under her thighs lifting them a few inches, she moaned loudly went she suddenly felt a cold gush in her soft folds. She cried out an orgasm. The zombie rolled off as Trinity laid there with eyes wide trying to regain her conscious mind set. She turned over as she slowly crawled down the vents. She saw a room that actually looked fimilar to her. The enterance. She suddenly had a burs of energy as she crawled toward it with haste. She had to turn around in side as she kicked the grate several times. The steel grate flew off as she fell out. She screamed in horror seeing she was surrounded. Eight men in black tech gear and gas masks and M-7's were fixed on her. "Have you been biten?" one ordered with a yell, She rapidly shook her head. "What's your name?!" he yelled, "Trinity Pelky!" she said in a bit of a fright. "Saber to base, we got a survivor... Confirm, get to saftey... Get to safty aye... Let's go! We need to get you to saftey." her yelled as he extended a hand. She took the hand. It lifted her up as the rest of the team moved in. "Your gonna be alright, this mess with be over soon, we're bringing you to a military base where you'll be safe for now." Trinity nodded. She was loaded into a helecopter with ten others. Most TSA agent who ran away. She watched as the airport got smaller and smaller. She knew she would survive the future. She knew how to circumnavigate them now. She smirked knowing she at least would have a brighter future.



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