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Los Angeles日本成本人片免费高清

It's been weeks since the survivors had last seen captain Shell and the city guard leave with the zealot prisoner. The camp had since seen lots of planes flying over the skies of the city, many had unknown outcomes with unionist Wales ships fighting against Sunkin hoppers. The Scavangers camp that was found deep in the wilds but not too far from the city borders have been poaching all the traps the survivors have placed to keep themselves fed. The other survivors who meet up with Jeremiah and his camp have split off the majority of the group staying with the camp losing faith in Christopher and his ability to keep them safe, Jeremiah has agreed to guide the other safely out of the city and to the border line towards the wilds. Mary was keeping Gruff company in the guard watch tower, that was nothing more then a partly intact utility room on a parking structure that had part of the wall broken off to give a wider view of the area immediately in front of the camp. "Been a while since we last saw the captain." Gruff said as his stomach grumbled to Mary who was just as hungry as Gruff, but didn't mind she was just happy she is still wearing her lovers ring. "Yeah they should've been back by now, hasn't April found any trace of the captain radio signal?" Mary asked Gruff as she absent mindlessly rubs the ring on her finger. Gruff did a quick scan with his night vision binoculars and saw nothing going on outside. "No she hasn't fired up the radio since the dog fights started up again above the city, I'll ask her to search after my watch." Gruff knew letting the other group of survivors go was for the best, still he couldn't believe that they asked Jeremiah to guide them around the wilds let alone that he would agree to such a request. "Its been a week I'll start looking around for Jeremiah first thing tomorrow." Mary said as she read the look of worry on Gruffs face. "No I'll look for him it's only right, besides the camp needs one of us to stay behind and your a better shot." Gruff spoke up while trying to think up of a excuse to tell April that won't make her worry as much as he is right now. Just then he saw a bright light marching down the street, then a warning shot from one of the out post was heard. Both Gruff and Mary got down on one knee and steadied their rifles. Its didn't take long for the rest of the camp to pile into the interior of the hotel that was the main escape route to be used if trouble sprouts up. The silence following the first shot was almost unbearable, then a yell and five more shots rang out. Semiautomatic rifle shots, not the type of gun that was used by the watch towers. A group of Scavangers four deep appeared to come out of the sewers setting off the booby traps placed their the traps were sharp metal rods that dropped over the Scavangers. The screaming from those who were still alive was horrible but quickly snuffed out thanks to Winston who with the help of Bobby and a few other volunteers came out of the hiden spots and ended them with quick jabs with their spiked poles. "What is that idiot doing out there?" Asked Mary who was surprised Winston would be out there at all. The group of survivors were easily identifiable from the Scavangers because the Scavangers wore their orange jump suites with heavy rubber boots. The watch tower that set off the first shot lit up a fire to signal the all clear Mary started to make her way down her watch tower to meet up with Winston, while Gruff kept watch scanning and seeing which traps need to be reset. Winston was already back in the camp with his group of defenders when Mary reached down to the main camp ground. "What the hell where you thinking Winston?" Mary shouted as she pushed past Bobby and the others. "I was thinking of saving the camp. If them Scavangers keep screaming and moaning like that they would bring the whole bandit camp to our front gate." Winston said as he layed down his spiked pole in a pile with the rest all of them covered in blood bits of the scavangers flesh and clothing. "They keep coming here that's the third party of scavengers they sent. If you kill them all the bandits will definitely come here for revenge. You don't think in the long term do you Winston?" Mary asked him to which Winston replied with a shrug. "Look their dead that one less group of people who will try to kill us, bad enough we have less men to defend and more mouths to feed now you want more of them to kill us?" "The next time you step out of that gate I'll flog you." Mary said with venom in her words. "You'll flog me? Get it threw your thick skull Mary the Guard is dead, the government is dead and we're next if we don't kill them first." Winston replied defiantly. "There's something out their driving the Scavangers into the city. They're poaching our traps sending small groups to our camp to test our defenses. This is a siege they're trying to wait us out and pick us off. Next person outside of the camp with out permission will be flogged." Mary said making sure everyone in the camp could hear her. "Jeremiah will be back soon to take command of the group and he'll see that state we are in and remove your command Mary." Winston said as Mary marched back to the watch tower. Mary hunched over and sighed deeply into her hands once she was behind the close door. "God give me strength, and food." She sobbed quietly into her hands."That's enough Winston if my husband was here he would've done worse to you for what you did. Foolishly getting these boys in harm's way and berating Mary like that." Terrie said coming out of the shelter. "Let the guards protect us it's what they're here for." "Protect us how? By letting us starve? I'm going out to hunt tomorrow alone if I have to. I won't let us starve anymore." Winston said and went to his small dwelling inside the shelter followed by a few others. Bobby stayed behind. "Sorry Mrs. Steel I shouldn't have gone with them but, these things happen. I wasn't going to let them scavangers march in our camp." Terrie knew Bobby had good intentions he just went about it the wrong way. "Its fine Bobby, don't fall into Winstons mind games."Terrie said as Bobby shaked his head yes and went back to his room to sleep he was first on guard duty in the morning. Back in the sewers was the remaining scavangers, "How many did you see?" One asked. "I saw five of them young men and a big camp walled up, they came out of nowhere." A small petite women with green and blond hair stood up. "Just like the other reports, ok let's pack it up take what you can from the dead and split the rest of their stuff at camp. The bandits will want to know to send only half of their men to take them down." The scavangers quickly tore into the dead and took all that they could carry and left the corpses laying dead and impaled by the traps that the survivors set up. "Fine work you guys did, don't worry I'll keep the best of your stuff so you know you won't be cheated." The petite scavanger said as she looked over the bodies.The sun came up and Gruff was kissing April goodbye. "I'll see if I can find any sign of your dad April." Gruff was now leaving April and heading out the gate. "Be safe!" April yelled back at Gruff before he got out of sight. "He'll be fine." Mary said as she walked up behind April. "Yeah I know I just wish daddy would hurry up." Mary nodded her head in agreement. "Did Gruff tell you about the radio before he left?" April then remembered. "Yeah come with me I been working on it." She lead Marry to the top of the hotel and at the very top was aantenna hooked up to the radio and some type of converter. April look at it then adjusted a few things. "The antenna been here and I used some of the scrap metal with a few wires I found and made a home made scrambler. That way we could listen go the radio but hide our signal." April said as she turned the radio on. "Wow I'm impressed must've took a long time to get the parts." Mary said as she looked over the complicated mechanism thats supposed to cover the radio signal from any planes flying above the city."Not really a few people had copper wire and such with them hoping to trade food for it at Remo, but they forked it over once I told them about the radio. I might even be able to get cell coverage back online if I can make it to the power plant and switch back on the cell towers." April said then squealed in happiness when the first broadcast was heard. "To all survivors of the bombing, this is commanding officer Richard H. Quill in charge of the Romo district. The invading Sunkin forces have begun their assault on our land. We will dispatched groups of guards to defend any survivors in the following cities in the Remo district control zone, Halvert, Los Angeles, and De Le Rose. All survivors are to make their way to these cities don't worry citizens order will be restored soon. Any and all survivors are welcomed to Romo we have food, guards,粗大的内捧猛烈进出视频 and supplies. The rebuilders corps will be around after we made it safer from bombing raids from the Sunkin Islands. More information will be given when we have it, stay strong unionist we will not give up."Then the radio was garbled up in radio static the message was over for now. "You hear that Mary the guards are coming to us in L.A." April said as she shut the radio off. "Yeah must mean the air raids must've been crippled by the Union forces." Mary said as she scanned the sky for any activity but only saw a few buzzards circling around a building in the city. "Look over there, you see that?" Mary asked April. "Yeah its over by the city borders think I should ask Gruff to check it out?" Mary shaked her head yes and saw April change the frequency on the radio. "Gruff can you read me?" April asked and waited for a response. "Loud and clear. Whats the problem base camp?" Gruff replied as he made his way threw the empty city streets. "Need you to check out on this building due west of the city boders, seems to be somthing going on there be cautious." April said and passed the radio mike to Mary. "You'll notice it from all the buzard activity around the building, be cautious might be trouble." Gruff wasnt to far from the west border lines and figured he should check it out. "Copy. I'll radio if anything is out of order." He figured it may be Jeremiah, but didn't want to say anything to worry April. He walked very cautiously advoding big streets with little cover by going threw blown out buildings and digging threw small piles of rubble. He noticed a few old fires weeks old mostly dry ash piled up where a fire once burned. Among the rubble he didn't find much besides some remains of animals, bugs, and human feces. Clear signs the scavangers are still active in the city. Once he got close to the western boarder he looked up from atop a building and saw the birds circling the building. A quick scan with his binoculars showed blood in the front of the small blown out building and a dead coyote. "Scvanger who bit off more then he could chew." Gruff said as he made his way to the building. After sneaking into the building threw a blown out hole in the side of the building he listened for any crys of help. Quickly but silently Gruff tried to find the injured person. The building used to be a shop of some kind mostly car parts so more then likely a mechanical shop. The place was layed out with aisles of car parts the boxes torn open and left around the floor seems the scavengers have already looted this place clean. Going in deeper he saw office door that was closed behind the cash register. "This is the city guard, come out of the office disarmed and peacefully." Gruff shouted in the direction of the closed door crouched down behind a aisle ready for anything. The door slowly opened but no one came out. "You have untill the count of three to come out or I will come in shooting." Gruff counted till three and waited another two seconds before firing into the room twice. The shots ricocheted around the room then silence. "Fuck you guard!" A bandit said as she came out the doorway with a shotgun in hand letting off three shots. Gruff feel back and tried to shoot at the woman bandit but she dove into cover to quickly for him. "In the name of the union law surrender. Firing at a city guard is a death sentence." Gruff said as he got into better cover. "You done fucked up guard coming here all alone. Its only one of 'em pick him off." She yelled out as two other bandits came out. One armed with a club studded with nails and a small pistol, the other with a sword on her back and a rifle in her arms. Gruff fired three shots all missed the bandits. "Got a sistuation base camp. Three heavy armed bandits at my location send reinforcements." Gruff said into his radio while trying to see if anymore are coming out. Luckly no more bandits did appear, but that still left Gruff to deal with three heavily armed bandits. The male bandit charged ahead with his club swinging. Gruff fought him off by flipping him on his back and clubbing him with his rifle butt. The bandit was wearing a guard helmet more then likely a lucky find off a dead guard, so he wasnt knocked out just dazed.Gruff was pinned down and trying to wrestle this guy down when he heard a loud boom followed by a bright flash. Five shots rang out then the two bandits bodies slumped over dead, and Gruff finally was able to shoot the male bandit dead. As the smoke cleared Gruff prepared for the worst. Maybe the Sunkin zealots broke threw and wanted to take him prisoner or a rival bandit camp came to wipe out this camp.Then Gruff heard a familar voice. "Get up Gruff, whats a matter couldn't handel these worthless scum by yourself?" Captain Shell said as he offered Gruff his hand. Gruff took the captains hand and got on his feet and saluted his commander. "No, Sir. I just didnt want to use up precious ammunition Sir." Gruff said to captain Shell. "Knock that Sir crap off Gruff, didnt you get the news? We lost the war nothing diffrent from you or me anymore. Just a few men trying to bring order to this land." Gruff was surprised captain Shell was never like this he always took his job very seriously. "Sir?" Gruff asked still confused and dazed by the flash bang grenade. "Gruff hows the camp?" Jeremiah asked. "Jeremiah your with captain Shell and the guard?""Yeah met them around a week ago after I escorted Chris and his group around the wilds. I been showing them the scvangers camp and then we scouted out the bandit camp." Jeremiah explained to Gruff. "The camp has been worried sick, April and your wife…" "Sorry about that just couldn't return to camp knowing the bandits been around in the city." Jeremiah said inturpting Gruff. "I would've radio the camp but ever since the air raids stopped I didnt think it would be safe to." Captain Shell said to Gruff. "We tracked this bandits from the main bandit camp for about a day then we heard your call and followed the signal here." Gruff was confused but overjoyed to have all his friends back safe and sound along with more guards. Seemed to be thirty guards all together with supplies and all were healthy. "Well lets get back to camp. Oh let me radio base camp." Gruff said as they all made there way back to camp. "This is Gruff here all clear the bandits are taken care off heading back to camp with Jeremiah and a company of city guards."Mary was rounding up winston and a few men to go give Gruff some help when April came down from the home made radio tower. "They're back! Mary its fine they're all coming back." Mary was confused and tried to calm down April. "What, who is back?" April told her what she heard from the radio and mary made the official announcement. Everyone in the camp was overjoyed and cheered. Terrie most of all her husband was back and safe. The group of guards came into view from one of the watch towers and they signaled the main watch at the camp. Bobby let eveyone know they are coming with a loud whoop that signaled the main gate to be opened. Soon the guard battalion came into the camp with cheers and praise from the survivors. Terrie ran to her husband and hugged him giving him a long passionate kiss. Jeremiah was glad to see his wife as well, but his joy was cut short once he saw the state of the camp."What happened? Im gone for a week and the place goes to shit?" Jeremiah said as he looked over the survivors half starved the camp filthy and in a sad state. Winston came up to Jeremiah. "Yeah while you were off playing guard with the city guard we were harassed by scavangers day and night. They took all our food destroyed our camp and even took shots at our camp." "Mary? Is that true? I knew the scavengers would have been a problem but to this existent?" Jeremiah asked still unable to believe the scavangers have done all this. "Well partly, the scavangers have done some damage to the traps but winston has antagonize them by killing every scvanger he sees." Mary said in her defensive tone of voice. "Mary hasn't even let us hunt in the wilds we are on our last portion of food." Winston said in his defense. "Good job Mary. There been rampant zelot activity in the wilds mutants and zelot slave drivers have been battling it out there. Better to starve for a day then die." Captain Shell said as he threw a heavy sack of prevesions on the ground. "Divide and eat people, we are in for a long wait until the rebuiders come."



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