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a shy smile on her face日本高清无卡码一区二区三区

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a shy smile on her face日本高清无卡码一区二区三区

“So, what do you think of Riley?” Corbin had taken the new employee on the grand tour, and they had just left the girl’s office.“She seems super nice,” Roy said. “Everybody does so far.” Shame he didn’t remember anyone else’s name. Riley would probably stick, though, being the only girl he’d met today.“Do you want to see her naked?”Roy was taken completely aback by Corbin’s follow-up question. Other than having been wowed by all the large, closed offices, each with private bathrooms, it had been an uneventful series of handshakes so far. Riley had been polite and welcoming. He complimented the fluffiness of her cat from a picture on her desk, and she invited him to join the office’s board game get-togethers on the first Friday evening of each month. She was undoubtedly young and attractive, her eyes, in particular, were striking in their size and light shade of blue, but the way she dressed and how her long brown hair was tied into a hasty bun in no way spoke of a woman who brought her wild side anywhere near the office.Whether this was a joke or a trap set by human resources, Roy was too curious to dismiss the proposal outright. He just had to be non-committal. “Why? You have pictures of her drinking too much at the Christmas party or something?”“Pictures?” Corbin said, amused. “No, man, do you want to see her naked like right now?”What else could Roy do but scrunch his face in confusion? This was not a question you could answer yes to without context.“You know what, I was about to do it anyway. If you want to stay and watch, just come with me, otherwise, wait outside for... about ten minutes. Don’t worry; you won’t get in trouble; I do this almost every morning.”“Do what? I don’t understand.”“Remember when I said we have the best life insurance here? Like you don’t need to worry about your family because you get scanned in the lobby when you punch in, so they just 3D-print a new you if something happens.”“I heard about that. Sounds straight out of a sci-fi show.”“Well, it’s real, and it just so happens that the insurance company’s 3D printer for this branch is in the corner of Riley’s bathroom.” Corbin was flicking his eyebrows up as if what he said made anything at all clearer.Roy’s face never unscrunched, but he still followed Corbin with the promise of cute office girl nudity.“OK, watch this. Close the door behind you. And don’t freak out. She’s in on it. She’ll be fine.”Roy’s hand felt heavy, but he closed the door all the same, having convinced himself that on his first day, there was nothing else to do but follow his mentor. His confusing and perverted mentor.“Oh, hey Corbin. Did you forget something?” Riley had to rotate her chair because the tall man circumvented her desk to tower over her. Her smile lit up the already sunny office.“Yeah, can you believe it? I forgot to do this.” Big hands wrapped around a slender neck with such force and realism that Roy jumped in shock. The gasps coming out of Riley’s mouth as her tongue lolled and her eyes bulged to an even greater size added to the brutal realism of Corbin’s game. She kicked, she clawed... then she pretended to die. A sweaty Corbin let Riley’s limp body drop back in the chair.“What? The. Fuck! What the fuck did you do? She didn’t look in on it at all.”“I just said that so you wouldn’t freak out. But it’s true that she’ll be fine, don’t worry.” Corbin walked back to the new hire’s side.“She passed out, man. That’s not good. This isn’t a movie; you can get brain damage from that.”“Relax, she’s not passed out. She’s dead. Listen.”It would have been dead quiet regardless as Roy faced the absurd and morbid reality by getting a closer look at Riley’s peaceful face and the unmistakable strangulation bruises on her neck. The only sound Corbin could be referring to came from the bathroom: a lazy buzzing sprinkled with beeps.Roy was so relieved to see Riley casually walk out of the bathroom that it took him a second to notice she was fully nude. His eyes darted back once to the body on the floor, making sure it was still there, then they returned and stayed glued to the busty, lithe goddess bouncing in front of him, a shy smile on her face, and not a care in the world. Her long hair was loose and flowing down her bare back to the apple-shaped rump he would have expected on an underwear model. On the opposite side was a pussy waxed so smooth it made your mouth water.“See? You thought I was kidding. She’s not just a pretty face, huh?”Roy could stare at naked Riley all day, but his feet had more sense than his cock and were backing him away toward the door.“You really need to loosen up,久久精品无码一区二区小草” Corbin said, a hand on Roy’s shoulder. “New-Riley can’t really process us right now, not until she puts on the clothes of Old-Riley and drags her to the printer for recycling. She’ll have lost half an hour of her morning; I’ll introduce you again cause she never technically met you; and everyone will go on with their day.”Roy felt a little better now. He didn’t condone murder for the sake of getting an eyeful with your morning coffee, but if this had happened countless times before, that meant the Riley he watched fight for one last breath was a clone too. Replacing a clone with a clone... he could live with that. New-Riley was on all fours, tits swaying as she wrestled shoes off of Dead-Riley’s feet, but soon she would go back to her work, then home to feed her cat. They wasted company time and a bit of electricity, but otherwise, there were no real losers here.“I don’t know if you want to stick around for this, but I’m going to test drive the New-Riley before she clicks if you know what I mean.” Corbin walked toward the crime scene, the sound of a zipper helping clarify his innuendo. He dropped on one knee and got a good grip on the living girl’s hips. His fingers sunk deep in the flesh, and, like this low-level office worker was an untouchable God, started pounding her from behind.Still smiling, Riley didn’t seem to mind other than muted squeals when Corbin hit a tender spot. A crotch repeatedly slamming against her buttocks just made her task of stripping her dead self a little more difficult.Corbin leaned forward, his crotch still glued to Riley’s ass, to manipulated her dangling tits as if he wanted the last drops of milk from a cow’s utter. “Oh fuck yeah... Nothing like the tight pussy and soft tits of a fresh new Riley. Never gets old.” Corbin’s internal dick-slaps slowed then stopped as he busted a deep nut.“You... you can’t do that. You’re not even using a condom. What if she gets pregnant?” Roy had finally found his voice after watching the entire car crash in slow motion. A weak argument compared to the more obvious ‘rape is bad’, but the first one that came into his head.“Haha, pregnant? For how long? What do you think will happen when I do this again tomorrow?”Riley coughed and stirred. The dead one. One of two live Rileys now. Roy expected Corbin to panic the same way he was, but the man continued his doggy-style breast-fondling and said: “We’ve got a live one! It’s your lucky day, kid. You want to take her home? I already have three Rileys at mine; the wife won’t let me keep any more than that.”This version of Riley wouldn’t be missed, but keeping a gagged sex slaved chained up in the basement was a little too horror-movie-psychopath for his taste. “Don’t they try to escape?”“Huh? Oh, no, no, no, you don’t keep this one.” Corbin pulled out of the warm pussy and took advantage of the original Riley’s coughing to stick his cum-glazed dick into her mouth. He sat his ass on her face while finishing what he started: wringing the life out of her.A girl removing another girl’s underwear while someone snuffed out her twin was a fetish Roy didn’t know he had. More printing noises from the machine made him jump.“There!” said Corbin at the arrival of another naked clone. “When New-Riley clicks, Newer-Riley will lose all sense of purpose and stay a sexy, naked zombie. She’ll eat and sleep and go to the toilet, but that’s pretty much it. She’ll let you do whatever you want. If you ever get sick of her, bring her back here off-hours and recycle her in the printer. Riley, whichever Riley, doesn’t lock her office door.”Board game night was a bit awkward. It was strange for Roy to interact with a bright, witty Riley with clothes on. He had fucked his personal home-version of Riley a hundred different ways before but, watching her passionately explain the rules of this complex game to her coworkers, perhaps he was falling in love.


Bohemia Interactive的创始人兼CEOMarek Španěl随后说道:“之前的引擎我们用了十几年了日本高清无卡码一区二区三区,考虑到多核CPU已经是PC游戏的常态,无论我调整了多少设置,我都无法在《武装突袭3》或旧的《DayZ》mod中获得出色的帧速率。”

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