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Chapter One: Mia and Her Unfortunate EndI opened the envelope and pulled out the paper that was folded inside. The letter was from a wealthy gentleman north of town named Mr. Ettington, I didn't know his first name. I began reading the letter.Dear Mr. Alucard, I hope this letter finds you well. I would like to request a special breed and I understand you are quite skilled in such matters. I would be delighted to have a female women bred with a horse that would produce a, not sure how to say it, horse woman. That is, the lower half would be a horse and the upper half a woman. Would you accept my request? Money is not an issue, but I trust you will charge me fairly.Yours truly,Mr. EttingtonAfter reading, I collected myself. I had plenty of human women and excellent breeds of horses, but had never attempted a cross-breed of this kind before. The more I thought about the proposition the more intrigued I became. "I will do it!," I told myself aloud. Now how to do it... I walked out to my stock house, which was a large warehouse style building that contained all of the breeders I owned. Breeders were not always easy to get, especially the good ones, but I have been in the business sometime and have made good connections. I opened the front door, walked inside and flipped on the lights. I heard some voices and other animal sounds, as many of them awoke from the bright lights. I made my way to the horse pens. I had several candidates in mind. The large, powerful stallion with black fur was a obvious choice--although I would need to be careful, or I might injure or even kill the female breeder. I would would start with this black stallion though. The female humans were in separate pens in the far back of the building. I peered in at them and they peered back at me. Some were quite lovely, even to an elf such as myself. I wanted to find one that would potentially breed fertile offspring with a horse... Of course, this would require some third-party intervention, but would not be impossible, in principle. I decided to use a breeder named Mia. It was common practice to name the humans as it seemed to keep them healthier, and it was no trouble to me. Mia had black hair, large breasts (especially for a petite Asian woman) and a tight little pussy. I was concerned she may not be able to handle the black stallion, but I had plenty of women and so I considered this more of a trial run. I removed her from her pen and inspected her. She knew to not to try to escape as an elf can easily overpower any human, and one skilled in magic, such as myself, more so. I ran my hand down Mia's soft neck. She was maybe twenty-four, of Chinese decent, and maybe 5'3. She was clearly frightened, but I calmed her with a spell. I removed her clothing to further inspect her. She was hairless, and incredibly smooth. She was even making me excited looking at her. I felt inside her pussy, she was very tight. I just hope she can stretch enough for the stallion's huge member. The next day, I finished preparing her for the breeding attempt. With the appropriate drugs, she may become fertile from a horse... Then the challenge would be birthing, but I will cross that bridge when I'm there. I brought the Stallion from his pen and into the breeding chamber. The breeding chamber was a simple room setup to monitor and guide the breeding. I then brought in Mia. I had placed spells on both of them to encourage breeding, they were both very excited! When Mia saw the large stallion, her eyes lit up. She was very cute. She ran to him and felt him. He was already excited as well and his huge horse cock was a clear indicator. She fell to her knees and looked at his cock, perhaps in disbelief. Then she kissed it and started licking, then sucking. She attempted to force it down her tiny throat. Clearly, that could never work, but that didn't stop her from trying. She pushed and sucked and I could see the bulge in her throat. I was impressed on how deep she got it, but not hardly his entire cock. The stallion began to become agitated, he was going to cum. Mia didn't realize this and it was too late for me to interject. With a sudden, intense moment for the stallion, he emptied his balls into Mia's throat. Her eyes widened as she tried to pull away. But as she choked on his horse cum, she jolted forward forcing it deeper. She was forced to swallow and choke down pints of semen before she could remove the cock from her abused throat. She coughed and gagged, then puked maybe a pint of horse cum onto her breasts and the floor. Her breathing steadied and she began, to my surprise, playing with the cum. She would taste it, rub it on her beautiful body and even push it into her tiny cunt hole. She found it to be a wonderful lubricant and started playing with her tiny ass hole, stretching it slightly with a couple fingers. It was an enticing display. The horse soon recovered and was ready to fuck. Mia noticed this and was happy to accommodate. She positioned herself underneath the horse, in the so-called doggy position, and guided his huge cock to her tight pussy hole. She had difficulty fitting it inside, but managed with some effort. She appeared to be uncomfortable, but enjoying the ravaging all the same. The stallion fucked her with increasing intensity. She moaned and breathed heavily. The way she was positioned, made it difficult for her to pull away from the stallion. She screamed frequently when the stallion's cock would go too deep. Her stomach bulged as he plunged into her, however her youth providing her with great elasticity. I was impressed. Mia's eyes were glassy, her body wet and shaking. I moved closer, carefully,秋霞网 and squirted oil onto her rear and all over the stallion's cock as it moved in and out of Mia. Mia's hair was shoulder length and very cute, it swayed back and forth as the stallion fucked her pussy. Mia clenched her teeth and moan, her cute little eye slits relaxed, bathed in pleasure. Rhythmically, should would take a deep breath and exhale, her eyes would open, they were dark, gorgeous and dilated. Her pussy, at this point, was red and sore from the barrage of horse cock, she had already cum several times. I just needed the stallion to actually cum inside of Mia for her to be impregnated. Mia clenched as the horse cock rammed her and she had a powerful orgasm. She pulled away from the stallion's cock and it slipped out, but, as she had no where to go, the stallion moved closer and resumed. I heard screaming and Mia began crying. I looked closer and realized that the stallion had mistakenly forced his huge cock into Mia's ass! This was partly my fault since I applied so much oil to Mia and his cock, but also Mia's in that she had been playing with her ass, stretching it and enjoying the oil as the stallion fucked her making it rather accepting of intruders. I doubt very seriously, however, she would have actually wanted the stallion's cock inside of her ass. She screamed in pain as he drove his member deeper and deeper inside of her, much deeper than he could have gone inside of her pussy. This excited the stallion. I could see his cock tip poking out of Mia's stomach with every thrust. The screaming became more violent. I could have stopped it, but I was very turned on by the whole display. Her small Asian body was being tested most rigorously, perhaps more torn apart by the huge black stallion. Her breathing was harsh and drool dripped from her delicious, open and shapely lips. Her skin seemed perfectly soft, silky, smooth, and was olive-white in color. Her dark helpless eye searched for me for a moment, perhaps to ask for help, then rolledagain upward, as if her mind was being lost to her. I enjoyed the sight. Then I noticed something strange. The stallion's cock was completely inside of Mia... This couldn't be, his cock had to be a couple feet in length and Mia was so small. I could see a significant bulging in Mia's stomach. His huge cock must be slamming into her organs, which is not good for Mia. I then noticed... Mia was no longer screaming. This in particular stallion had been bred to produce an exceptional amount of semen and was about to demonstrate his ability. The stallion huffed and snorted then unloaded into Mia's body. Her insides bloated unnaturally and she twitched, there was still life in her yet. She twitched again, her eyes red and watery, then seemed to choke. This continued as the stallion pumped more semen into Mia. Finally, Mia puked semen, somehow the stallion's cum had made it's way through Mia! She eventually freed herself from the stallion and laid, nearly motionless, on the floor. I approached the small, cute Chinese woman named Mia. I could see that her abdomen was bruised internally. I doubted she could be used now. She was impressively strong willed though, she still breathed, but harshly. I was curious to know how extent the damages were inside of her. I spread her legs and carefully pushed my hand inside of her anus. She was startled but did not have the strength to protest. I pushed deeper until my arm, up to my elbow, was inside. After such a fucking, she was very loose. I felt around to learn that her organs were badly damaged and she would likely not survive long. Upon removing my arm from her ass, horse cum spilled out in great quantity. Mia shook and stared blankly at the ceiling. I learned long ago to never waste a breeder and I knew that mating made animals, and humans alike, happier and therefore better breeders. So I decided to place Mia on a breeding block, as they are called. Breeding blocks look like those old prisons where a human's head and arms are locked in wooden blocks but their rear is exposed. Once Mia was in the breeding block, I allowed the rest of the horses to mount her. She could at least please the rest of the horses before she passed, and even many with her lifeless body. As I walked to my house to retire for the night, I heard Mia's screams, her intense cries for help, the horses raping violently her horridly abused, if not completely ruined, fuck holes. I occasional stepped outside during the evening to listen for Mia, I had wished she hadn't been injured so badly. I would have loved to use her myself. She didn't not make any sound after two hours. I knew what that meant. To be fucked mercilessly for two hours was again a testament of Mia's incredible resolve. Perhaps I should not have disposed of her so rashly.



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